Despite a spate of recent delays, Slightly Mad Studios's Project Cars is still looking like the defining racing sim of 2015, as a new trailer shows off the game's multitude of race tracks from around the globe.

Over 30 tracks with multiple variations on each will offer, according to publisher Namco Bandai, "one of the largest track lists of any racing game in recent years". The trailer also shows off the dynamic weather system that will add a further level of realism to the game.

You can watch the trailer below...

Project Cars has been delayed twice in a many months and is now targeting a May release date. At EGX Rezzed in London in mid-March, IBTimes UK sat down with creative director Andy Tudor to ask why. "It's just in everyone's best interest," he said as part of a larger interview.

Project Cars is set for release on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Wii U in May.