PS4 owners should look forward to an exciting year in 2015, as a plethora of solid games are to be released during next year. Among them is an exclusive title to the console, Toren, which covers the journey of a lonely protagonist named Moonchild as she seeks to unlock the mysteries of a tower known as Toren in a dark fantasy world.

The game's creative director, Alessandro Martinello, recently spoke to GamingBolt in an interview, opening up about Toren.

When asked about himself and his company, he said, "I'm Alessandro Martinello, Creative Director of the team. Swordtales it's an indie studio from southern Brazil."

And when asked about the game's inspirations, ICO, he said, "Yes, Ico is one of the great inspirations of the project because of its minimalist character, which is perfect for an indie game. Other inspirations are The Legend of Zelda and the movies from Hayao Miyazaki."

He also talked about the game's protagonist: "The main character is a girl trapped in a tower without knowing why. She is led in a journey of physical and spiritual growth as she progress through the tower towards the skies. You'll learn more about her and the story as you play."

Read the entire interview over here.