PS4 Slim
Is this the PS4 Slim? Gumtree

Update: Eurogamer's Digital Foundry visited the buyer of the PS4 Slim that surfaced on Gumtree over the weekend and has verified the console's authenticity. We've embedded the video below.

Original story: Sony plans to introduce the PS4 Slim and more powerful PlayStation Neo next month, according to fresh reports. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Sony is getting ready to lift the lid on a redesigned version of the current PS4 as well as a "high-end" model, which will likely take place during Sony's PlayStation Meeting on 7 September.

Sony has previously confirmed that it is working on an upgraded version of the PS4 packing more powerful hardware, including 4K compatibility and support for the PlayStation VR headset. However, the company is also thought to be working on a smaller and cheaper version of its current system to compete with Microsoft's Xbox One S, which launched on 2 August.

In July, sources familiar with the matter told WSJ that Sony might unveil the console during a game show in September, leading to speculation that the PS4 Slim could debut at the Tokyo Game Show. It now appears that this was a reference to Sony's media event in New York next month.

Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Tong told the website the new PS4 model would be slimmer and less expensive than Sony's current £299/$350 console, which was launched in 2013.

Sony's decision to launch two new PS4 models together is seen as an attempt by the company keep interest in its consoles alive, while at the same time keeping pace with Microsoft, who plans to launch a more powerful console in 2017.

WSJ's report came on the same day that alleged images of the PS4 Slim appeared online. A boxed version on the console was briefly listed on UK classified website Gumtree before finding its way to NeoGaf, and appeared in comparison shots alongside the original model. Eurogamer verified that the console was the real deal after visiting the buyers home, and published a video showing the machine booting up.

In line with reports, the device pictured in the images is slimmer than the current PlayStation 4 and features a more basic design, albeit one that's very much in keeping with its current hardware. Despite this, Sony has not yet officially acknowledged the existence of the PS4 Slim.

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