Queen Elizabeth II sent a sweet letter to a seven-year-old boy who sent her a "happiness-themed" puzzle as he was concerned that the British monarch might be feeling sad or lonely due to lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic.

While people all across the globe tried to find different hobbies and activities to keep themselves busy while isolating at home, seven-year-old Timothy Madders from Billericay in Essex came up with his own version of the time-tested crossword. The game titled "Happiness Word Search" had words associated with happiness such as smile, happiness, family, love, jolly, playtime, etc.

He then requested his mother Jo Madders to send it to the queen of England, who has been isolating with husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle since the outbreak of novel coronavirus in March. He also sent a handwritten note that read: "Dear queen Elizabeth...You might be feeling sad or lonely during lockdown, so I thought I could make a wordsearch for you to cheer you up... Love from: Timothy Madders."

To Timothy's delight, the 94-year-old took time to see his puzzle and even responded to it by sending an adorable note via her lady-in-waiting thanking him for the gift, reports BBC.

"Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and The Queen hopes that you too are keeping safe and well in the current situation. I am to thank you very much indeed for writing as you did at this time," the letter read.

Timothy expressed his excitement at receiving a response from the queen, saying: "It was very good (the royal's letter) and it was very important and made me happy that she liked it... She's probably wanting to keep herself busy."

His mother revealed to BBC that the young child picked happiness as the theme for his crossword "because he wanted words that would make people think of happy things as they did it."

"He wanted to do something to cheer her up and he did it in his neatest handwriting. He sent it (to the queen) with a letter saying how she might be feeling sad or lonely because of lockdown," she said.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: POOL/Tolga Akmen

Jo shared that Timothy sent the crossword to other recipients as well, but he insisted that the original puzzle with his handwriting goes to the British monarch. "He kept saying to me not to send the original to anyone else because that was for the queen... He's always thinking about other people," she said.