coach trip
A new series of Coach Trip begins tonight (24 July) E4

The Queen is reportedly a very unlikely fan of Coach Trip, according to the show's presenter Brendan Sheerin.

The 58-year-old – who has presented the show for 14 years – has claimed that palace aides ensure Her Majesty never misses an episode while she is away on her royal engagements.

He said: "I've heard the Queen has it recorded in when she's away. It makes me so proud as I love the Queen. I think she's an amazing lady, especially all the good things she's done for this country. She's phenomenal," reports The Sun.

The surprising revelation comes as a new series called Coach Trip: Road To Zante begins tonight at 7.30pm.

The new E4 offering sees Sheerin return to the screen as 14 young Brits head off on an epic 40-day road trip around the Mediterranean and southern Europe, starting in Cannes. A pair is voted off after each episode by fellow contestants and replaced.

Sheerin also said that actress Keira Knightley and her musician husband James Righton enjoy watching the series, adding: "I was on Sunday Brunch with James and he said him and Keira love it, which is great."

The presenter also commented on love blossoming between contestants: "I don't allow any hanky-panky in my coach as I always know what's going on. But I think some of the youngsters get up to things in the evenings, when I can't keep an eye on them."

It has also been alleged in the past that Queen Elizabeth II loves watching "Pointless with a cup of tea", according to host Alexander Armstrong, and it was said last year that she had been watching Netflix original series The Crown – which focused on her early reign in its first series.

Coach Trip: Road to Zante premieres tonight (24 July) on E4 at 7.30pm.