A New York woman was butchered to death with a meat cleaver and left in a pool of blood in her Queens home on Thursday morning (16 March).

Police have charged Elizabeth Sanchez, 30, with the murder of her aunt Maria Palaguachi, who was 50. Sanchez could face 25 years to life in prison if she is found guilty.

Officers had reportedly visited the residence at 174th Street on several occasions over the years following a string of domestic disputes. They allegedly made their last visit as recently as last Sunday (12 March).

However, it appears this dispute was one that was taken too far in a "big family" home.

"There's a lot of people coming and going all the time," said one neighbour. "It's like six or seven kids. Their house is a revolving door."

Authorities have not disclosed the exact details behind Palaguachi's death, although she was found with several wounds on her upper body, with scrapes on her neck and haemorrhaging in both eyes, which sometimes occur during strangulation.

The body was discovered by the victim's daughter at around 11am, resulting in the arrest of Sanchez, who also goes by the name of Digna Sanchez-Ortiz.

Maria Palaguachi
Maria Palaguachi was found with multiple wounds on her head, neck and shoulder. Facebook