Rapper Snoop Dogg has taken to Instagram to rant about last night's Xbox Live outage, calling out Microsoft, threatening to make the jump to rival console platform PlayStation, and telling Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to "fix your s**t".

In the short video (which you can watch here) the legendary musician and 44-year-old adult man says: "A message to Xbox One, or Microsoft, or like whoever the f**k you are: your f**king servers are whack, man. Y'all gonna make me switch to PlayStation if y'all don't get this s**t fixed.

"It's that difficult to play someone online? What the f**k is you doing, Bill Gates? Fix your s**t, man." The video was posted with the message: "Message to Xbox One and EA, fix your s**t or PlayStation here we come." We fixed the grammar.

Xbox Live online servers and chat services were down for roughly four hours in the early hours of 14 January. Before he possibly makes the jump to PlayStation though, Snoop might want to read up on the outage that affected Sony's servers in early January.

Snoop is a known gamer. Back in July he tried to gather support to bring Xbox 360 American Football game NCAA Football 14 to Xbox One via backwards compatibility. He wasn't successful.

Anyway, here's Drop It Like It's Hot.

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