Samsung plans to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices at the end of June in South Korea, with a considerably lower price tag.

Dubbed Galaxy Note 7R, the refurbished variant would be available for purchase through the major carrier networks in the country. The handset is expected to pack a battery that stores less power than the original model, at 3200mAh, according to ETNews.

The Note 7R is expected to be priced at 700,000 won ($620, £484), which is at least 200,000 to 300,000 won less than the price of the original Note 7, selling for 988,900 won. The company could sell as many as 300,000 Note 7R of the three to four million recalled units

The report further states that the release of the refurbished model will not affect the sales of the Galaxy S8. Besides, the next-gen Galaxy Note is expected to be released at the end of August or early September.

A senior official, Lee Myung-bak, told ETNews: "We plan to release the Galaxy Note 7 battery that Samsung recovered through the replacement and inspection process, and sell it on-line and off-line."

A company asked 3KH to conduct a survey to find out whether consumers are willing to purchase the refurbished Note 7 and found that 96% of the respondents said they would go for the device.

The refurbished Note 7 running Android 7.0 Nougat received Wi-Fi certification recently. The model number listed on the Wi-Fi Alliance site, SM-N935S, indicates the model is for South Korea. Interestingly, another model of Note 7 SM-N930F also received Wi-Fi certification.

Last month, Samsung revealed its plans to sell refurbished Note 7 devices, after rumours started doing the rounds. The company was also considering removing salvageable components from the Note 7 and extract metals.