Articles by Graeme Mackay

Graeme Mackay is a graduate of Abertay University (Hons in Commerce) and Lancaster, Edgehill (PGCE), have worked in Australia and abroad, served in the Royal Navy, been self-employed, amongst many other ventures. Currently semi-retired.

A Brexit lesson from New Zealand

"We became truly independent, no longer a colonial economy and more inclined to shake off the emotional and cultural vestiges of the colonial relationship."

Brexit could break the Union

Brexit has highlighted a real and maybe widening divide between Scotland and England in a way that the Referendum on Scottish Independence did not.

Scotland's Election Aftershocks

Labour of all the parties in Scotland, will have to take a long, hard look to determine just where in the political spectrum it wishes to be.

Turkey: NATO's awkward member

In a letter marked "MOST URGENT" to the United Nations in New York on 24 November, Turkey claimed that it did not know the nationality of the downed SU-24M.

August a bad month for anniversaries in Japan

"I looked for soul-searching, for penitence, for a sign that the lessons of defeat had been taken to heart...This would have been a good day for the Japanese press to begin telling the people the real and complete story of the war and defeat"


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