Capcom resident evil
I think you might need something bigger than a pistol there Chris

Japanese publisher Capcom announced on 25 February that the fourth, fifth and sixth entries in its hugely popular survival-horror franchise will grace the PS4 and Xbox One, releasing in reverse numerical order throughout 2016.

Despite the less-than-stellar critical response it received on PS3 and Xbox 360 to the action-heavy Resident Evil 6, it will be the first to launch with a date set for 29 March, available digitally on the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store, priced at £15.99 in the UK.

Resident Evil 5, the first of the main series to experiment with co-operative play, will arrive in the summer, while those looking to grab Resident Evil 4 (arguably the best game in the entire franchise) on current-gen consoles will have an agonising wait until it hits digital stores in the autumn.

Capcom released the below trailer to accompany the announcement and it is quite telling that the review quotes get increasingly more positive as we move from Resident Evil 6 through to 4.

Yes, Resident Evil 6 was 'bigger, louder and prettier', but it was also a bit rubbish YouTube / Official Capcom UK

To sweeten the deal even further, Capcom has included all of the additional content made available in DLC packs for each game in the re-releases, including costumes and extra content only originally available for purchase for Resident Evil 6 through an online website.

Surely this means we are getting a Resident Evil 7 at E3 this year? Right? Make it happen, Capcom.

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