Rihanna rubbed her fans the wrong way when she shared a series of photos of Queen Elizabeth II's head superimposed on her body on social media on 21 April – the same day the British monarch celebrated her 91st birthday.

RiRi, who is known for her high-fashion statements, angered her fans when she shared four doctored images of the Queen in outlandish ensembles on Instagram.

In the first photo, the Queen's head is photoshopped onto an all-green outfit paired with matching coloured fur coat and knee-high boots, and captioned: "be humble".

The Barbadian singer's next image had the Queen's head superimposed onto a red fur heart coat and denim shorts with black high heels. "y'all chickens is ash and I'm lotion," Rihanna wrote in the caption.

In a third photo, the songstress doctored the Queen's head onto a bedazzled outfit with the caption: "Mumz said she won't too happy bout this post so I had to edit *insert appropriate Gucci Mane lyrics here*".

The Queen's final photoshopped image was shared with the caption: "It's not that deep".

Several fans of the singer pointed out that the images were "disrespectful" and in bad taste.

"Why you disrespecting queen riri with that language smfh show some respect around the queen," a fan said, while another added, "This is disrespectful to the queen, not a fan."

"I'm not English or a Brit, but I find these series of photos disturbing. It's like doing it with photos of my grandmother. These lack taste whatsoever," a third fan said.

Some fans found the photoshopped images funny.

"These pics give me LIFE" a fan said and another commented "Why's everyone so triggered lmao. Did the queen pay you to defend her?"

y'all chickens is ash and I'm lotion. 😂

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