After Taylor Swift's alleged flirty party night with Drake during his 30<sup>th birthday celebration, pop star Rihanna is reportedly jealous and has warned the Bad Blood singer from dating her ex. The Barbadian singer, who was missing from the star-studded party, doesn't want Taylor to go through a 'bitter breakup.'

"Taylor doesn't stand a chance with Drake. She ain't got nothing Drake wants and she certainly doesn't want the type of headaches and drama he's capable of giving a woman. Taylor's known for writing songs after her bitter break-ups with her exes and if she got a dose of the games Drake plays, she'd be writing songs about it until she turns 100. Drake's a deadly spider and Taylor can mess around and get bit if she wants to," an inside source told Hollywood Life.

Rihanna and the One Dance hitmaker split in early October, citing conflicting schedules. Unconfirmed reports, however, suggest that RiRi broke up with the Hotline Bling rapper after he was linked to model India Love. But it appears the Anti album creator still has feelings for her ex as she reportedly 'hated' that Swift was the main attraction of the 30-year-old Canadian singer's birthday party.

"Everywhere she looked on social media today everyone's talking about Taylor and her outfit, her makeup, her hair, and Rihanna's sick of hearing about it! As much as she has a love/hate relationship with Drake, she's furious that Taylor took all the attention away from his birthday. If there was any b*tch who should have been the talk of Drake's party it should have been Rihanna. For that reason alone she's kicking herself for not going," an inside source told the website.

Birthday boy Drake, on the other hand, was thrilled during the party which was also attended by his parents as well as Katy Perry, John Mayer, Jamie Foxx and French Montana. "People keep asking me how I feel, and I feel, I feel great. I want to thank everybody for tonight, it's an incredible evening," he was spotted saying in a video.