Psyonix, the developers behind car football game Rocket League, have shown off the game's first bit of downloadable content. Utopia Coliseum is a new arena for the PS4 and PC game's automotive carnage to take place in and will be released in the coming weeks.

The Rocket League Twitter account revealed all, responding to fans pleading for some details regarding free content for the game. "You've been asking us about the first FREE map (Utopia Coliseum) that's coming out in a few weeks," they said. "Here's a peek!"

The new map only introduces an additional aesthetic change with the pitch still the same shape and with none of the obstacles that have been hinted for future arenas by Psyonix. There is a new look to the pitch though, but it won't impact gameplay.

Released in early July, Rocket League's success has come down its status a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers – helping it amass a player base of tens of thousands. Word of mouth has also helped the game reach audiences it wouldn't have as a paid release.

Next week the game will go on sale on PS4 as it has been since launch on PC. How Psyonix manages the game and keeps players interested without the influx of new people will be a huge test for the developers.

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