Romania's 'king of gypsy music' Nicolae Guta attacked his pregnant girlfriend on live TV after discovering that she had slept with his step son. In a dramatic TV showdown the singer, who is regarded as a legend in his country, erupted with anger when his girlfriend's affair was exposed on a live chat show.

The millionaire appeared on the programme with his pole dancer girlfriend Iulia, his ex-partner, Narcisa Guta, and her son Nicu.

Guta, who has 10 children with five different women, and appeared to be on cordial terms with his current girlfriend and his ex, however the mood quickly changed when Nicu revealed that he that he had an affair with Iulia.

Goading Guta Nico announced: "You mocked my mom, I showed you. Iulia liked me, told me to stop by her place and that was it. What can I say?"

When Iulia failed to deny that she had cheated on him, leaping to his feet Guta launched a ferocious attack against his pregnant girlfriend while the cameras kept on rolling. He grabbed her by the hair, dragged her off the sofa to her knees and then began to slap her repeatedly as the shocked host looked on. A bodyguard was forced to intervene to rescue Iulia, Daily Mail reports.

47-year-old Guta was living with another girlfriend, Flori, who was pregnant with his 11th child, at the time of Iulia's affair. Guta cheated on Flori with Iulia and a sex video of the two was made public. After the break-up, Flori went on to have an abortion.

While the scandalous life of the singer couldn't get more complicated, according to Romanian TV Iulia is now pregnant with Guta's eleventh child.