Rosie O'Donnell has shared an emotional poem in response to the backlash she received after her controversial tweet, suggesting Donald Trump's son Barron Trump may have autism, went viral. The stand-up comedian tried to reason her tweet by revealing that her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Dakota has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

"Here is how it went down – my 3.5 yr old daughter Dakota was diagnosed in September with HFA – high functioning autism," the 54-year-old talk show host started her poem with the emotional revelation and continued to narrate the symptoms that most parents tend to miss. "I have been immersed in that world/reality since learning – reading – asking questions. It's all autism – all the time for the newly diagnosed. As we try to grab onto anything to keep us standing. The knowledge we are not alone/ there are others living this too."

"When I saw the anti-bullying video/ that mentioned Barron/ it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have/ it was educational and informational," she said about her previous tweet for speculating the 10-year-old's mental abilities.

On 21 November, the talk show host shared a 7-minute long YouTube video containing clips of Barron in different moods.

"IF it is true – I tweeted from my heart. It would help so much with the autism epidemic/ 1 in 55 kids is an epidemic/ Donald and I agree on that/ and not much else I feel he is a clear and present danger/," an excerpt of her poetry reads.

Her tweet received scathing backlash for dragging a child for her political attack against the president-elect. "I have no ill will for his children – or any children – and if u knew anything about me – u would know that," O'Donnell explained her stand.

However, her emotional poem did not seem to have impressed many as she continues to face criticism following her controversial tweet. "Barron is a 10 year old boy who just wanted to sleep at 3:30 in the morning... had been awake too long. Lying O'Donnell is just making up stories," one fan commented on the poem.

"Attacking a child is reprehensible. If you don't think that this will not follow this child into his classroom and spread like gossip does, then perhaps it is because you are suffering from a severe learning disability. Just because your kid has Autism does not give you the right to call out someone else's child like you know what the hell you are talking about," wrote another.