Ruby Rose and Jess Origliasso have rekindled their romance after working on The Veronicas' new music video titled On Your Side. The couple were rumoured to be dating on-again, off-again in 2008.

Speaking to Nova FM's Kent 'Smallzy' Small, the Hook Me Up hitmaker confirmed she and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage star are in a relationship.


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"It's me. Me and Ruby Rose. And it is our love story in this video," Jess said. (Via The Daily Mail) "It's about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love, in a relationship."

"We support each other in our careers and we support one another and be there. It made sense to be able to come out on that level because we want to be there in each other's lives on a public level." (Via News)

She described her relationship with the model/actress as the "craziest thing" ever.

"We have been friends for eight years. A really long time and it was just honestly the craziest thing," she said. "We just reconnected over doing this video, she wrote and directed it, and is in it with us and we just sort of fell in love."

The 31-year-old singer further said that she and her 30-year-old lover are trying a different approach to their relationship after their past experiences.

"When we first got together way, way back, it was hard to know how much to share," Origliasso said. "Now we are quite protective of what we have, so obviously being able to be open enough but keeping a lot of it for ourself is something that we're very conscious of and I think it just depends on the people what you're willing to share."