Korean smartphone maker Samsung has apologised to Chinese consumers after reports emerged of more Note 7 smartphones exploding, putting a big question mark over its safety. There is no clarity yet on the safety status of Galaxy Note 7s in China where Samsung never ordered a mass recall citing that its devices were safe in the region.

"We sincerely apologise for the confusion and unease caused to our customers in China," the company said in a statement to Bloomberg. "We guarantee the safety and reliability of our devices," it went on to say.

The statement will provide little hope to consumers in China as outrage grows over Samsung's decision to exclude the country from the global recall. Customers are now wary of using their Galaxy Note 7s as a brand new device was reported to have exploded a few days back.

Samsung, however, maintains that the recent cases of battery fires in China were due to external heat and not a manufacturing fault unlike those shipped in other regions. Social media as well as the state press have accused the company of applying double standards to the Chinese market which Samsung has refuted.

"We never have and never will use a double standard toward China," said Samsung.

The confusion stems from Samsung's decision to not order a mass recall in China citing that most Note 7s in the country were from a different battery supplier, ATL, and they were safe. Even as global sales of the device had halted, China was one of the few markets where the sales continued and only 1,800 odd units were recalled.

Samsung is now asking users who face problems with the device to come forward. CTTL, a telecommunications research and testing agency and consultancy Exponent Inc will assist Samsung in further examinations.