Samsung is bracing for lawsuits from Galaxy Note 7 users with reports coming in of two different lawsuits being filed in Korea and the US over the fires. Consumers have claimed the company not only failed to keep "good faith" but also gave them anxiety over the usage of the phones.

In Korea, 38 Galaxy Note 7 smartphone owners are slated to file a class action lawsuit against the company with the Seoul Central District Court and are seeking 300,000 won ($2,667, £2,172) each in damages according to the Korean Herald. They allege the Note 7 fiasco forced them to visit stores several times for battery checks or to get replacements and took a toll on their anxiety levels over safety when using the device.

In the US, the company is facing another lawsuit which seeks to represent a nationwide class of Note 7 customers. The suit filed by McCuneWright takes a slightly different angle from the Note 7 fires where consumers are primarily suing the smartphone maker for the manner in which it handled the recall.

The suit is centred on how the company did not have enough replacement devices for Note 7 owners after the recall was announced as a result of which users had to "incur millions of dollars in fees" as they were left without a safe phone to use.

"While Samsung has offered consumers replacement phones or a refund, it has failed to reimburse consumers for monthly costs associated with owning an unusable Note 7," McCuneWright which filed the petition on behalf of the consumers said in a post on its website.

The law firm, which has earlier represented iPhone 6 users over problems relating to touch against Apple, is now urging more Galaxy Note 7 users to step up and take part in the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for Samsung told Reuters that they do not comment on pending litigation.

In the coming days more lawsuits may be filed against the company by some Note 7 owners who have complained earlier about property destruction due to the device explosion. Samsung is already facing one such litigation from a construction worker in the US who reportedly suffered third-degree burns due to a different model of a Samsung phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge exploding in his pants.