Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note series devices, the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge blending an evolved S Pen, share a lot of hardware features.

The new Notes will come in both Snapdragon 805 with quad-core processor as well as Exynos 5433 featuring octa-core processor variants.

It now appears that the Galaxy Note Edge integrating a unique curved Edge screen delivers equally powerful performance as the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
AnTuTu benchmark scores for Galaxy Note Edge.

While the Galaxy Note 4 will be available globally starting in October, the Galaxy Note Edge is designed for select markets through Samsung's retail channels, e-commerce and carriers later this year.

As for the UK consumers, the Note Edge will not be available in the country, and in the majority of European countries at its launch. However, retailers like Clove have promised to bring stock from the countries where the Note Edge is due to be launched.

Galaxy Note 4
AnTuTu benchmark scores for Galaxy Note 4

Ahead of the market roll-out, the Korean site Mutantcell has successfully managed to put both the Notes through AnTuTu benchmark tests. The tests were conducted on the Exynos 5433 variants of Note 4 and Note Edge, reports Gforgames.

The test result suggests that the Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915L) scored a total of 47918 points in the benchmark, whereas the Note 4 (SM-N910S) scored a few points more than 48000 (48285 points).

Like the Exynos variants of new Notes, the Snapdragon variants are also expected to offer fast performance.