The upcoming Galaxy S23 series of smartphones are expected to get a myriad of awe-inspiring upgrades over the existing Galaxy S22 lineup. However, it looks like the Galaxy S23 will not ditch one component of its predecessor.

The word on the street is that the Galaxy S23 will feature the same fingerprint sensor available on the Galaxy S22. This speculation does not align with earlier reports that indicated the Galaxy S23 will get a more advanced fingerprint scanner.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones are expected to pack new processors under the hood. Also, these smartphones will reportedly house more advanced camera sensors on the back.

Still, it is rather disappointing that the upcoming Samsung smartphones will not get a new fingerprint scanner. The Korean smartphone giant will either confirm or debunk this rumour in February when it officially unveils the Galaxy S23 series.

Notably, the Galaxy S-series has a reputation for bringing improvements in terms of rear camera setup and processors. However, there has been no improvement in the fingerprint sensor department yet.

Noted tipster Ice Universe recently discovered the Galaxy S23 Ultra model's protective glass layer that reveals the camera sensor's location and size.

The reliable leaker claims the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S23 lineup is of the same size as the Galaxy S22 series. Also, IC suggests the fingerprint sensor is located in the same place as the current gen's fingerprint scanner.

To recap, past leaks indicated the Galaxy S23 lineup would come with a larger and more powerful fingerprint sensor. The existing Galaxy S22 uses Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2.

The Galaxy S23, on the other hand, will reportedly come with a Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max sensor. This super faster sensor can identify two fingers at the same time.

However, Samsung might not bring an updated fingerprint sensor to lower the production cost of the Galaxy S23. As a result, the price of the final sale will also decrease.

Moreover, this is not the most important update most Galaxy S users have been waiting for. Regardless, an improved fingerprint sensor could enhance the overall browsing experience since we unlock our smartphones several times.

Samsung Galaxy S23 fingerprint sensor