The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra sits above the standard Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones. The Galaxy S23 Ultra resembles its predecessor in terms of design. However, some users heaped praises on the top-end flagship smartphones for offering some worthwhile upgrades in other departments over last year's Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Aside from design and overall performance, reviewers have been talking about the Galaxy S23 Ultra's build quality lately. Unsurprisingly, Zack from JerryRigEverything and PBKReviews has now put Samsung's flagship through a torture test to show exactly how durable the smartphone is.

The newly launched Galaxy S23 Ultra has a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on top of its display for additional protection against scratches. For comparison, the Galaxy S22 Ultra uses Gorilla Glass Victus+. However, it wasn't clear if they offer the same level of resistance to drops from different heights.

Last year, the Galaxy S22 Ultra endured a lot of abuse in durability tests. Ideally, its successor should too emerge out of the torture test intact. Regrettably, that wasn't the case. The S23 Ultra's display with Victus 2 on top cracked as soon as it hit the concrete, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra's screen did not break.

Similarly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra survived the PBKReviews drop test. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, didn't stay fully functional after this drop test. Also, it is worth mentioning here that the reviewer did not smash the rear camera rings of the smartphone in the new video.

To recap, JerryRigEverything had put the Galaxy S22 Ultra's Armor Aluminum frame through a bend test last year. Moreover, as part of the Mohs hardness stage, the vlogger produced "deeper grooves at a level 7." During a teardown, PBKReviews revealed that taking apart the S23 Ultra is as easy as disassembling any modern smartphone.

Thanks to Samsung's newfangled battery pull-tab, replacing the battery will be a cakewalk. Lastly, the Samsung S23 Ultra scored 9/10 points in the first test of third-party repair.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series BIS
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