Samsung Galaxy S6 launch at Mobile World Confress
Samsung teases the next Galaxy smartphone with invitation to Barcelona event on 1 March Samsung

Samsung is hosting an Unpacked media event in Barcelona on 1 March, where it is widely expected to announce the Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone.

The invitation gives very little away, but shows what's believed to be the curved edge of the new handset. This comes in the wake of rumours claiming Samsung will reveal two versions of the Galaxy S6, one with a regular screen and another with a display wrapped around one edge, like the Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

Codenamed 'Project Zero', the Galaxy S6 is thought to represent a fresh start for Samsung, borrowing from the premium metal design of last year's Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4.

Set for 1 March, the Samsung event will take place on the same day as a press conference hosted by HTC. Here, also in Barcelona, the company is expected to announce its new flagship, the One (M9).

Both events fall on the eve of Mobile World Congress, the annual technology trade show in Barcelona where companies reveal their latest phones, tablets and wearables.

All major phone and tablet manufacturers will be attending MWC, so you can look forward to new handsets from Sony, LG, Huawei, Microsoft and more.