Samsung Galaxy S8 leak
Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 in black, grey and silver according to the latest leak Evan Blass via Twitter

With just over a week to go until Samsung reveals its new Galaxy S8 smartphone, the final pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place. We now know what colours it will be available in and how much it will cost.

The leaked information comes from renowned and often-accurate technology tipster Evan Blass, who has an excellent track record for publishing details about upcoming smartphones before they are announced.

Tweeting on 19 March, Blass said the new Galaxy S8 and larger Galaxy S8+ will come in 'back sky', 'orchid grey' and 'arctic silver'. In English, this means the most exciting Android smartphone of the year will be sold in black, grey and silver – not the most exciting colour options, we are sure you will agree.

Blass' tweet, embedded above, includes press images of the handsets which show how the screen will stretch almost entirely across the front of the phone. The next iPhone, due in the third quarter of 2017, is tipped to have a similar design.

Another source, which published real-world photos of the S8 to the Chinese social network Weibo, suggests there will also be a blue version but this might only be available in certain markets at launch. Another possibility is that Samsung will repeat what it did with the S7 and release new colours later in the phone's life cycle. Gold, green and red are likely contenders.

The same day, Blass revealed to his 327,000 Twitter followers how much the Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost. He claims the S8 will have a European recommended retail price of €799 (£692), while the larger S8+ will start at €899 (£779). These prices represent a €100 increase on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but for now it isn't known which storage options Blass' claims refer to.

These prices fall in line with a previous leak, by UK retailer Mobile Fun, which claimed the S8 will cost £799 when it arrives in the UK; technology companies often give products the same numerical price in the UK and Europe, despite £1 not always being equal to €1.

Samsung is holding simultaneous media events in London and New York on 29 March to reveal the new phone, starting at 3:30pm GMT.