The US Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application by Samsung that shows off an innovative design for an S-Pen that would integrate a speaker for future Galaxy Notes. The speaker outlets will be embedded in the Note S-Pen body itself.

The patent describing the technology says: "The invention covers a main body that provides an accommodation space, a speaker module that outputs sound, and an accessory device configured to be accommodated in the accommodation space."

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The diagram depicting the patent shows two ways in which the speaker would work. First when the pen is stored inside the Galaxy Note body itself, the sound will be carried through the device to the pen at the top. But if the pen is removed for the Note device, the sound will simply travel from the internal speaker in-built within the pen through the shaft opening.

If the patent is to be implemented in future, the detachable S-Pen speaker is likely to replace the speaker grille situated near the pen slot in the current Note, the Galaxy Note 7. Additionally, Samsung will have to ensure that waterproofing technology covers the speaker on the S-Pen if it wishes to maintain being called a waterproof device.

At the moment, this is just a filing and neither its feasibility nor implementation is known. In case Samsung looks to implement this by next year it, the technology could be displayed on the Galaxy Note 8 scheduled to be unveiled in mid-2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen patent
The diagram showing how the technology will work Patently Mobile