Samsung has begun sending out fireproof boxes for customers to return their Galaxy Note 7 in, as production of the new smartphone is cancelled due to multiple fires caused by faulty batteries.

The return kit includes three boxes and a "static shield" bag, as well as a pair of gloves to stop skin irritations being caused by the thermal insulation of the outermost box. This box includes a message on the side informing the postal services that it contains a defective lithium battery and cannot be transported by air.

A video of the return boxes was published on YouTube on 11 October and received over 200,000 views in 24 hours. The video comes on the same day that Samsung announced it has permanently ended production of the Galaxy Note 7, which will no longer be sold through any retailer or mobile network worldwide.

Included instructions ask Note 7 owners to switch their phone off, place it into the static shield bag, then into the two cardboard boxes, before putting everything into the flameproof outer box.

Samsung is expected to send out millions of return kits to customers all over the world, and even those who have already returned the phone are also receiving them.

This is the second recall of the Galaxy Note 7 since it launched in August. The first was triggered by dozens of reports of the phone overheating and catching fire, damaging possessions, writing off cars and burning owners. This prompted Samsung to recall 2.5 million handsets and replace them with a supposedly fixed version, with markings on the box and a different colour of battery indicator to differentiate them from the original.

However, these new phones also began bursting into flames; there were five reports of new "safe" Note 7s exploding in the US over a single weekend. Samsung first took the phone off sale for a second time, before announcing that it would permanently stop producing the Note 7.

Analysts believe Samsung may have to recall up to 19 million handsets worldwide, amounting to a predicted loss of $17bn (£13.8bn). The company has issued an updated earnings guidance for its third financial quarter, slashing expected profit by 33% to 5.2tn won (£3.7bn).