Are you bored of using the same emojis on your Galaxy phone, may be you don't have to anymore, as Samsung's new Galaxy iteration incorporates scores of new emojis to play with. The updated list containing as many as 159 emojis would be available for users of Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and the devices that are eligible for Android Marshmallow upgrade. Samsung did not update its emoji list since the release of Galaxy S5 in 2014.

The new emojis come from Unicode 7.0 and 8.0. The new emoji faces include popular ones such as upside-down and thinking faces. Other new faces are face with rolling eyes, zipper-mouth, money-mouth, face with thermometer, nerd face, thinking face, the one with head-bandage, robot, hugging face, sleuth and speaking heads in Silhouette. Galaxy S5 already contains some Unicode 7 faces including slightly smiling and frowning faces.

Also included in the emojis are new gestures such as reserved hand with middle finger extended, sign of the horns, raised hand with fingers splayed and writing hands. For those who are animal lovers can make use of the new ones such as lion, unicorn, chipmunk, turkey, dove of peace, crab, spider, spider web and scorpion. According to the list shared by Emojipedia, the list adds support for a wide range of weather conditions, starting from tornados to snow.

There are plenty of options in activities, which includes non-sporting endeavours such as music and video games. Besides, there are eight new food and drink related items. Along with these there are other objects including older technology items such as keyboard and mouse. Other notable additions are travel and places and symbols. Unfortunately, the list misses out a few important emoji features such as emoji modifiers for diverse skin tones.