Sarah Ferguson co-hosted the Nov. 1 episode of "Loose Women"
Sarah Ferguson, pictured here co-hosting "Loose Women" on Nov. 1, 2023, has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Photo: Sarah Ferguson/Instagram Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Sarah Ferguson has been open about her battle with breast cancer in the past and has done the same with her recent skin cancer diagnosis. She also shared a quick health update with the public during a visit to Marylebone in London on Wednesday.

The Duchess of York went for a doctor's visit at King Edward VII's Hospital and appeared to be in a cheery mood when asked by well-wishers gathered outside about her condition. When asked how she was feeling after her doctor's appointment, she replied, "I'm fine, thank you" according to the Mirror.

According to the publication, the 64-year-old "stopped to chat with locals before being driven off". Photos showed Fergie, in a navy blue blazer, matching skirt, black tights and loafers, smiling and giving a wave as she left the hospital.

A representative for Ferguson broke the news about her skin cancer diagnosis over the weekend. She has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma after she had several moles removed and analysed during her reconstructive surgery last summer.

But like her breast cancer battle, she is not letting her condition dampen her positive spirit. An unnamed friend said she has already vowed to "distress into a positive" saying: "She is simply amazing, always looking for the positive in any situation and rarely thinking of herself."

The friend added: "She is going to beat this disease, just like she faced down her breast cancer diagnosis, with bravery and good humour and working out a way she can use her experience to help others."

The Duchess of York also took to her Instagram for her first post since her skin cancer diagnosis was made public to thank her medical team. She also shared that she has been taking some time to herself to reflect and recuperate.

She wrote: "I have been taking some time to myself as I have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, my second cancer diagnosis within a year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. It was thanks to the great vigilance of my dermatologist that the melanoma was detected when it was."

Ferguson admitted that a second cancer diagnosis so soon after she beat breast cancer came as a shock. She had a single mastectomy and a reconstructive surgery in June last year. But she wants to use her experience to encourage others to have themselves checked for cancerous moles.

She continued: "Naturally another cancer diagnosis has been a shock but I'm in good spirits and grateful for the many messages of love and support. I believe my experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma and urge anyone who is reading this to be diligent."

The Duchess of York then shared that she is "incredibly thankful to the medical teams that have supported" her through both of her experiences with cancer. She also thanked the MAYRLIFE Clinic for taking gentle care of her in the past weeks and for allowing her time time to recuperate.

She concluded her post: "I am resting with family at home now, feeling blessed to have their love and support."

The Duchess of York spent time at MAYRLIFE Clinic, a medical health resort in Altaussee, Austria, following her skin cancer diagnosis. Her time there reportedly "helped her gather strength", another friend said.

The friend shared that her family is also supporting her as they did when she battled breast cancer. Ferguson shares two daughters with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.