Sarah Ferguson with Sandy and Muick
Sarah Ferguson shared her photo with Queen Elizabeth II's corgis, Sandy and Muick, on the one-year anniversary of the monarch's death on September 8, 2023. Photo: Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Royal followers gushed over Sandy and Muick looking adorable in the new photo Sarah Ferguson shared of Queen Elizabeth II's beloved corgis on social media on Monday, December 18.

"Always begging for treats!" the Duchess of York captioned the image posted on Instagram, which shows the two dogs with their pleading eyes. The corgis were left under her and Prince Andrew's care after the Queen died last year on September 8. They now live with them at their home at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

One commentator wrote: "So happy that you and Andrew take care of them for our Queen" and another said: "They are too adorable Sarah."

A third chimed in: "I can see they miss Her Majesty. They deserve whatever treats you give and nice they are looked after and well taken care of too."

One royal fan added: "Aaawww bless them. I've always wanted a Corgi. Give them a big hug from me ❤️❤️❤️" One more commented: "And you certainly give them enough... They certainly couldn't be in better hands."

Sarah Ferguson also gave an update on Sandy and Muick when she shared a portrait taken of her with the dogs for Thanksgiving in November. Sitting on a large log, she smiles for the camera along with the two corgis standing beside her.

"Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends! We are enjoying the cool, November weather. It is a perfect time to take a stroll, sip a cup of tea... or perhaps, to write something cosy, mysterious, and new. This author is sharpening her pen this autumn and feeling thankful for all of the little things. What are you thankful for this festive season?" she captioned the image.

She shared another photo with the dogs to remember the monarch on the first anniversary of her death.

The Duchess of York has since called it an "honour" to take care of the late Queen's beloved corgis. She said earlier this March that Sandy and Muick are doing wonderfully and even called them "very good and kind folks" and as "the gifts that keep on giving".

Sarah Ferguson shared that she has also taken to doing the same daily routine that Queen Elizabeth II did with her pets when it comes to their treats. She said she would break the same little cookies Her Majesty used to break for them and give as treats. Fergie shared that Sandy and Muick patiently wait for their snacks and that she knows that whenever they hear the sound of the cookies breaking, they think of the Queen and "feel at home".

But it had taken a year for Muick to get settled into his new home because he was still grieving the Queen's death. She said during an appearance on "This Morning" in November: "And big Muick is very, very, very demonstrative, he had his tail down to begin with and then now, a year later ... he's just beginning now to really enjoy (himself)."

Dog trainer Graeme Hall explained: "There's a kind of grieving process, and we know that dogs do go through a grieving process as well. We don't fully understand it because we can't chat to them over a cup of coffee, but you certainly see behaviour change, sometimes they're very flat."

Sarah Ferguson shared that Muick used to always demand attention saying: "He's just sort of putting himself in the way so when I go to pat one dog, he comes straight in the way." But he and Sandy now get along with her five Norfolk terriers. The two corgis were originally a gift for Queen Elizabeth II from Prince Andrew to keep her company in Windsor Castle while Prince Philip was sick in the hospital.