An incredible video from Georgia shows the moment a man reached into a petrol pump in Cedartown to pull out a live snake that was hiding inside.

Loren-Stacie Fleenor, who posted the video to Facebook, said someone saw the snake in the pump so she filmed it as another customer reached inside with his hand wrapped in a shirt.

Speaking to a local Atlanta news channel, the man in the video, Brandon Radke, said that he loves snakes and pulling the 4ft one from the pump was "no big deal".

Radke added that he was careful not to get bitten, telling WSB-TV Atlanta: "Once you grab behind the head it can't really reach around and get you."

He added that the snake was not poisonous and was only a rat snake.

Fleenor shared the video with a warning for others: "Look carefully before picking up those gas handles!" The video had been shared by over 2,600 people at time of publication.

Screenshot of man pulling snake
Screenshot from the Facebook video Facebook / Loren-Stacie Fleenor