The organiser of a sex-fuelled holiday experience promising access to booze, drugs and prostitutes has claimed that clients have offered to pay up to $10,000 for the debauchery to continue.

A four-day "sex island" party – managed by a firm called the Good Girls Company - started on 24 November in an unnamed location in the Caribbean and cost $4,200 but at least 16 men have reportedly now offered to pay an additional $7,500 (£10,000) to stay for a full week.

Dozens of paying guests have been made to feel "like kings" and have enjoyed "massive orgies", tabloid reports said. It is believed that two "pop star" guests from the UK and US have joined the party.

One organiser, who was not named, told The Mirror: "Clients want to keep the party going for a full week and have offered to pay $10,000 for a full seven days.

"Sixteen of our 30 guests have already paid the extra money. The experience has exceeded their expectations - some clients haven't slept in 48 hours.

"They are currently partying on the yacht with all the girls naked. Our pop star celebrity guest is performing for everyone.

"They are having the time of their lives."

The trip was initially expected to be based on an island of the coast of Colombia, but plans changed after intense media coverage – which left authorities vowing to deport anyone who arrived for the festivities. Visitors reportedly include men from the UK, US, Australia and France.

It was teased as a "drug friendly" experience which came with "unlimited sex" included.

The Good Girls Company website has touted the experience as a holiday where dozens of men could "fulfil their wildest fantasies" and be able to party with multiple women at a time.

It stated: "If you want to feel like a king, this is your best option, enjoy the best exclusive trip for three, you and two girls, as your loving girlfriend, the first in services, attention and events.

"All meals, transportation, spa pass, horse riding, VIP night club experience, bottle of champagne, horse riding, helicopter tour, extras, events, tours, and of course your executive villa are included.

"Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride."

Some of the more premium experiences provide guests a bilingual host who is available 24 hours a day. A "gold package" is currently advertised at $1,499 per night, per person.