Heavy rain and extreme flooding caused a building in Tibet's Jomda county to collapse. The five-storey apartment block came crashing to the ground on Saturday (8 July) and was swept away by the deluge.

Torrential rain has plagued the region since the start of June. It has destroyed a total of 24 bridges and damaged 58km stretches of 67 rural highways.

Rising water levels of the Ziqu river triggered the foundations of the apartment block to collapse in seconds.

All residents living in the building had been evacuated before disaster struck and no casualties have been reported so far. An empty truck also fell into the river as the bank was overthrown by the rapid flow.

Villages across Jomda county experienced a series of power cuts, with electricians working against the clock to resume the energy supply.

The rainfall stopped on Monday (10 July), according to the local government. The national highway was reopened to traffic after intensive repair efforts.