Cliff Richard was not at home when the police came calling about a historical sex abuse allegation
Sir Cliff Richard is set to re-enter music charts following search of his flat in sex abuse probe by police Getty Images

Fans of Sir Cliff Richard have rallied around the singer by buying so many copies of an old single that sales are poised to propel him back into the charts.

Loyal supporters of the 73-year-old have been purchasing his 1992 single I Still Believe In You in the wake of a child sex abuse claim against him.

The tune reached number seven upon its original release in Britain and it will be interesting to see where it charts this time.

Richard has been accused of sexually assaulting a boy under 16 at a religious rally in 1985.

His fans' show of solidarity comes after South Yorkshire police officers searched his penthouse flat in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

Richard has vehemently denied the allegation, which he called "completely false".

Check out the tune here. Be warned: contains four cheese pizza levels of cheesiness: