Skara The Blade Remains

Skara: The Blade Remains, a kickstarter funded game, is a first Multiplayer Online Versus or MOV title wherein 16 players enter an arena and fight to death. In a recent interview, commercial director Cesar Ortega spoke to GamingBolt about the game.

When asked about this staff, strength and more, Ortega responded by saying: "We grew up together playing (and criticizing) videogames. We wanted to create our own title, mixing features from several genres because we couldn't find one on the market the game that really seemed to have everything in it."

"We put together a fantastic team combining developers with a lot of experience working in AAA games and some young talent coming from university, where Pablo teaches for the master's program. The result is a well-oiled machine with huge potential, as we believe is shown in Skara after only ten months of development."

When asked about his inspiration behind the game, he said: "Lot of different games, actually. We love Versus Fighting games, and our combat system aspires to be similar to Tekken or Soul Calibur. But to take this combat system to a multiplayer environment our inspiration are action games, from League of Legends to Call of Duty—yes, we do think it's possible to merge all of these feature into a single title".

And what kind of micro-transactions should you expect in this free game?

"We are committed to making Skara a free-to-win experience", said Ortega. "All the content will be cosmetic and freely accessible through virtual currency that can be earned during combat. Fatalities or ways to personalize your character will also be accessible through micro-payments, for example, but those players who don't want to spend money will be able to purchase them with their in-game money."

Check out the entire interview here. The game has been built for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.