Actor Tom Welling became a household name for playing Superman in hit superhero drama Smallville. With so many superhero series ruling the television, the actor spoke about his version of the Man of Steel and dished on whether he would reprise his character for CBS show Supergirl.

Welling revealed how Clark Kent's journey shaped his own life in an interview with BuzzFeed. He said: "There was a lot of growing up I needed to do on that show. Fortunately, Clark had no idea what the hell he was doing and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. We kind of grew up together."

When asked about reprising his role for CBS's Supergirl, the actor said: "There's people who would like it... there's people who don't like it but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it. So, I don't know. It would be kind of odd. I don't know who he is at that point. He would obviously be Superman."

The actor also spoke about the current superhero series and added that he is proud of shows like Arrow and The Flash. The 38-year-old actor said: "It's a compliment, I'm very proud of shows like Arrow [and] The Flash.... They're able to ground these characters so that the viewer can relate on a human level to people who used to be only in two dimensions."

Welling is currently in the midst of developing a new hour-long drama titled Section 13 for CBS Network. The show's tagline reads: "A CIA black ops officer-turned-private contractor who, after a personal tragedy, joins a covert organization devoted to carrying out the most difficult and dangerous high-stakes assignments."

Welling has created, developed and executive produced Section 13 and will star in it if CBS picks up the pilot. However, the actor maintains that Smallville remains the biggest project he is known for. "It's a big compliment. It means people like what I did.... I guess the joke is when people say, 'Hey, Superman,' I have a tendency to reply, 'Well, I've been called worse,'" he said.

Tom Welling played Superman for 10 years in Smallville, which aired on The CW.