Snoop Dogg
Two LA rappers are claiming copyright violations and fraud over Snoop Dogg's hit song Ain No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None) Daniel Boczarski / getty

American Rappers Snoop Dogg , Dr Dre, Warren G, Kurupt, the late Nate Dogg and producer Suge Knight are all being sued by two LA rappers, over hit song Ain No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None).

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday (6 August), Craig Ward and Antonio White say that the now-famous hook originally appeared on their own song, Ain't No Fun, which was supposed to appear on their album Volume 1 — Out to Get a Grip.

Their version of Ain't No Fun was never released, but the lawsuit alleges that it features the same hook that's repeated throughout the Snoop Dogg track, reports TMZ.

"The hook/chorus that is central to both works is an example of fragmented literal similarity because defendants copied that portion of Plaintiffs' work exactly, while not copying all portions of the work," the lawsuit reads.

TMZ claims Ward and White played Ain't No Fun for Suge Knight in 1992, who was the chief executive of Death Row Records at the time.The lawsuit claims Dre, Snoop and Kurupt were also present.

Later on, Ward and White turned in all their music for Volume 1 – Out to Get a Grip to Knight, in hopes they would get signed to Death Row. The lawsuit says Knight agreed to promote Ward's career and give him a label deal, but it never happened.

"For a decade or more Mr Knight invited Craig Ward to parties, award shows and events at Death Row Records, always holding out the hope that Craig Ward would get the help he needed for his career to take off," the lawsuit reads.

Ward and White say that Knight dragged them along to fancy events on purpose. "Knight never intended to sign or promote either Craig Ward or Antonio White, or their respective companies, or to give either of them credit for the song at issue."

The two men are suing for damages and lost profits.

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