With three million plus subscribers, Shay Mitchell is a bona fide Youtube star but looks like the Pretty Little Liars actress took it a little too far with her latest stint celebrating her fan-following.

Having hit her 3 million milestone on the popular site, the 30-year-old actress did something that fans had least expected of her – she stripped (almost) naked and jogged around the streets of Los Angeles while wearing just a unicorn mask; a glimpse of which she also posted online.

"I Ran Naked Through the Streets of LA!" the Canadian actress wrote sharing the 5.24 minutes long video with her millions of fans and followers on Youtube.

Underneath the video, she further added, "I can't believe we're actually posting this. Sammy is crazy for holding me to this. What do you guys think... what should I do when we hit 4 million? Thanks for watching, love you guys. xoxo - Shay"

In signature Shay-style, the hilarious clip shows the brunette beauty, dressed in her bare minimums, running through the streets of Hollywood while leaving little to the imagination for the onlookers.

"You're crazy and I love you," a fan impressed with the daring move commented on the video, which has so far garnered over 650,000 views.

"OMG Congrats on your 3 million... you're so crazy!" Added a second fan of the TV star.

While many seemed to be in awe of the actress, the video also sparked some negative feedback from Youtube viewers.

"I don't know why but I'm disappointed... I wish you didn't do this... I hope you had some bra in colour of your body... It's just so embarrassing.... And if it's a joke someone tell me," a viewer, not so impressed with Mitchell's naked running stint commented.

As someone else slammed the actress, writing, "We have the dumbest role models."

"This is illegal right? Public nudity... Also that was pretty dumb you came out of the house naked so people already know who you are even if you are wearing a mask," added another.

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell attends the WE Day event in Los Angeles Reuters