Viktor Yanukovych Jr drowns
Younger son for fugitive Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych reportedly drowned in a lake in Russia Maxim Shemetov/Reuters file photo

The younger son of exiled former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has reportedly drowned in Russia's Lake Baikal while taking part in a sporting event.

Viktor Viktorovich Yanukovych, 33, is said to have died under suspicious circumstances though it is yet to be confirmed.

Official confirmation is awaited as multiple media reports citing Ukrainian authorities corroborate the death of Yanukovych Jr.

"We have no official information. We have sent an inquiry to the Russian side and to our consulate general in Novosibirsk. We are waiting for a reply, for official information," Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson Yevgeny Perebeinos said.

Russian reports suggest that Moscow's emergency ministry does not find the name of the younger Yanukovych in the list of victims who were either injured or died. There is also the likelihood of Yanukovych's family using another surname in Russia.

"Viktor Yanukovych Jr today really died tragically fell through the ice [sic]. Wanting to take a ride on the surface of the frozen lake and tickle, so nerves, Victor Jr driving a minibus Volkswagen Multivan, ran over not visible under the snow border between old and new ice. The car began to fall through the ice, rolls onto its side on the driver's side," MP Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the minister of internal affairs wrote on his Facebook account.

Yanukovych and most of his family members have been living in Russia ever since he was exiled from Ukraine following the upheaval in February 2014, following months of demonstrations. Yanukovych Jr also served as an MP when his father was president.