Sony has confirmed that a new PlayStation 4 will be revealed this week, but there's no mention of whether this will be the leaked slim model or the more powerful console, codenamed Neo. The leak came via the Korean PlayStation website.

The post was spotted by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, and translated by one of his followers: native Korean speaker Kan Chan. As Chan explains, the post states that a new console will be revealed with pricing and release date details on 8 September in Hong Kong.

On 7 September Sony is holding a press conference in New York City where it is expected to announce a slimline model of the PlayStation 4 and the Neo. That event takes place at 8pm BST, which is 3am on 8 September in Hong Kong.

The PlayStation Neo has been a known quantity since March, when Kotaku first reported on the device. Follow-up reports from other reputable sources removed all elements of doubt that an upgraded console capable of 4K visuals and better performance was in the works. In June, ahead of E3 2016, Sony quietly confirmed the device.

A slimline PS4 meanwhile was something of a surprise, with the final product showing up in the wild on Gumtree, and later being sold through part-exchange store CEX. The smaller console runs basically the same as the existing PS4 and is expected to replace that original model as the base model.

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