Chinese company Sunny Optical will reportedly provide two camera units for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. To recap, the optics company has previously provided lenses to Vivo, Huawei, as well as Samsung.

Now, a report by The Elec suggests the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a folded zoom telephoto camera. Furthermore, the report hints at the presence of a 12MP ultra-wide camera as well.

Notably, Sunny Optical will make the telephoto camera sensor in collaboration with Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Likewise, the Chinese company will team up with NAMUGA to produce the ultra-wide camera sensor.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will house other cameras supplied by different manufacturers. For instance, South Korean firms MCNEX and PARTRON will be providing the standard 10MP telephoto lens for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Correspondingly, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will bring the long-rumored 200MP sensor to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Upfront, the upcoming S23 series phone will feature a 12MP shooter for selfies and video calling.

Some reports suggest the device will come with a 10MP selfie camera instead. Moreover, these camera sensors will be supplied by Korean firms NAMUGA and Power Logics.

Also, the cameras on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ are likely to be supplied by South Korea-based companies CammSys, PARTRON, Power Logics, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

So, it is safe to assume that the upcoming Galaxy S23 series will use camera equipment provided mostly by Korean firms. However, Chinese firm Sunny Optical will be offering some assistance.

In other words, Samsung has completely cut Sony out of the picture. For those unaware, Sony supplied cameras for a myriad of Galaxy S-series phones including the current-gen Galaxy S22 series.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will reportedly feature a quad-camera setup on the back. This includes a 200MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto, and 10MP folded zoom telephoto camera sensors.

The front shooter might have a lower resolution than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a 40MP selfie camera. The report does not confirm whether the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 14MP or a 10MP camera on the front.

Regardless, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely to get a new selfie camera. Samsung is reportedly planning to unveil the Galaxy S23 series smartphones in February 2023.

Galaxy S23 Ultra camera setup