A Spanish man who is said to have confronted one of the London Bridge attackers as he stabbed a woman in Borough Market is missing, friends and family say. The family of HSBC bank worker Ignacio Echeverría have been unable to contact him since the attack.

The 39-year-old from Las Rozas was reportedly on his way home after skating in a park with friends when he attempted to save a woman from the brutal attack. According to the Mirror, friends he was with said they last saw him lying on the ground and have since been unable to locate him.

Ignacio is described as being 5ft 8ins tall and wearing jeans, Vans black trainers, a dark top and gold chain.

The Red Cross in Madrid, which launched an appeal for information about his whereabouts on Twitter, revealed his full name to be Ignacio Echeverría Miralles de Imperial and his birthdate as 25 May 1978.

"Ignacio was in the London Bridge area with friends when the terror attacks happened. He was last seen falling to the ground by his friends after trying to defend one of the victims. He was wearing a gold chain, Vans black trainers, jeans and a black or dark top," the Red Cross in Madrid wrote. "He has a large scar above an eyebrow."

Ignacio's family told Spanish media that he was most likely not carrying any identification.

His sister, who also lives in London, has been trying to find him in hospital but has been unlucky. Isabel Echeverría, a London-based operations manager, posted a photo of her brother alone with a plea. "I'm looking for my brother. Help me if you've seen him. He was at London Bridge during the terrorist attack," she wrote.

Journalist Geoff Ho was also reported missing after being stabbed during the terror attack, the Mirror reported. Ho, who was injured after trying to break up what he believed to be a normal bar fight, was later found in hospital.

The brutal attack by three terrorists, which Isis has claimed responsibility for, left at least seven dead and another 48 injured. The first victim of the attack has been identified as Chrissy Archibald, a "beautiful and loving" bride-to-be. Authorities have arrested 12 people in connection to the terrorist attack.