Roger Moore A View To Kill set
Roger Moore on the set of A View To Kill Larry Ellis / Getty

As rumours about whether or not current James Bond Daniel Craig will stay on for further movies in the franchise begin to circulate, former 007 Sir Roger Moore has joined the discussion. The 88-year-old said he thinks the best actors who could portray the iconic British spy are "Hugh Jackman and [Homeland star] Damian Lewis."

In September, Jackman surprised fans by revealing that he was approached by Bond filmmakers in 2002 (while he was channelling Wolverine for the filming of X2) and offered the role, but he turned down the opportunity since he "didn't think it was the right time." He added that it was a difficult decision, saying: "It was not an easy one to give up. I'd seriously consider it [now]."

Moore, who portrayed James Bond seven times in the 70s and 80s, also said to MailOnline that whilst an unlikely choice these days, Dame Maggie Smith would make a "perfect" Bond Girl.

Damian Lewis and Hugh Jackman
Wolf Hall actor Damian Lewis and Pan star Hugh Jackman are Roger Moore's top choices when it comes to who will play James Bond next Mark Phillips) Brendon Thorne (Getty

Aside from Moore's suggestions, fan favourites as to who could replace Craig whenever he chooses to leave the well-loved character behind include Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Crimson Peak star Tom Hiddleston. Even former football player David Beckham's name was floating around to take over.

Recently Craig caused some controversy by joking in an interview with Time Out London that he would "rather slash his wrists" than play Bond again.

Knowing when your time should be up is something that Moore can relate to, saying he knew when to hang up the suit for good too. "I knew it was time to go when my granddaughter was born," he recollected, hinting that he wanted to be around for her.

At the time of the interview, Moore was promoting his new book Bond On Bond at an exclusive signing at Hush Brasserie, Mayfair, which features iconic images from across the movie series. Meanwhile, Lewis will next be seen in thriller Our Kind Of Traitor opposite Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård and Naomie Harris. Jackman is currently doing press rounds with co-stars Rooney Mara and Garrett Hedlund for Pan, the retelling of JM Barrie's The Boy Who Never Grew Up.