The Spice Girls are preparing to reunite to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it has been reported.

According to The Sun, Mel B revealed that the all-girl pop group will perform at Buckingham Palace in early June. Mel ended up spilling the beans on the plan, which was apparently kept under wraps, by mistake while talking to an Australian TV channel, the report added.

Her remarks came when asked if the Spices were planning anything for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. "Ooh, I think the Queen's Jubilee concert is the event I'd be looking at more closely for that to happen," she reportedly said.

She added later: "I am going to be in such strife for saying that. It's all so totally bloody top-secret still."

The band split up in 2000 but staged an emphatic comeback in 2007. "I'm always down for a Spice Girls reunion. I love the Scary hair and platforms. Any time of day or night I'll be there," Mel, 36, reportedly said.

Here's a recap of some of the classic appearances of the iconic band: