Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has just finished shooting on Episode VIII Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/YouTube

Rey finally managed to locate Luke Skywalker in an island of Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens but fans could not learn anything more about the former Jedi Master, as the movie concluded with the duo meeting. Speculations and theories started circulating about how Mark Hamill's character survived such long years alone on the planet filled with water and islands.

But a fresh rumour suggests that Luke was not alone all these years. In fact, he had feathery monsters to give him company on the lonely planet. Making Star War reports that the Jedi recluse had avian creatures as companions, similar to puffins, the actual inhabitants of Skellig Michael, the place the particular scenes were filmed.

The fan website claims that the creatures will be a version of Furby. "The creatures have razor sharp teeth and are a mixture of the terrifying and the adorable. They're sort of like a bird mixed with a Gremlin," narrates the website.

Apart from the flying creatures, the island is rumoured to feature giant sea monsters. MSW speculates that Rey's rendezvous with Luke will not be easy as the inhabitants of the planet will not approve of her visiting them. "Rey has a sequence on Ahch-To where she fights a rather large sea monster," explains the website and claims that Rey's victory in the battle may grant her the permission to stay back there.

However, all these are mere speculations and fans should take this news with a pinch of salt. The plot of Episode VIII is still a well kept secret and fans will have to wait for early 2017 to get more details. The title and trailer of the Ryan Johnson-directed film is expected to arrive in the first half of next year.