Star Wars Battlefront
Rebels on the ice planet of Hoth in Star Wars Battlefront EA

Star Wars Battlefront's US launch is not off to a good start with Sony acknowledging an ongoing problem preventing those who purchased the Ultimate Edition from accessing EA's highly-anticipated multiplayer shooter. The problem appears to only be affecting the PS4 version.

Players who pre-ordered the game were able to download it and the day one patch as normal but were then met with a false error message saying that they needed to update the game. In response to complaints Sony's Ask PlayStation Twitter account stated the following: "We're aware that some users are having trouble accessing Star Wars Battlefront. Thanks for your patience as we investigate."

They then sent out another tweet linking to a page suggesting users renew their licenses to access the game.

Update: Please restore your licenses if you are having issues starting the game. Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] and select [Restore License].

If you continue to have issues, please try powering your system down fully, and reboot.

Note: Be sure not into rest mode and power the system down.

The issue doesn't appear to be widespread as of yet, but it is still only the early hours of launch day. At the time of writing America's west coast is four hours into launch day, while the east coast is just an hour into it.

Star Wars Battlefront launches in North America today (17 November) and around the rest of the world on Thursday 19 November. The game is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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