Steven Universe
Steven Universe and his friend Lars has had an emotional moment in the recently released episodes Cartoon Network

Keeping in mind the long Memorial Day weekend, Cartoon Network treated its fans with four back to back episodes of Steven Universe titled as Wanted on Monday 29 May.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The special telecast had four episodes titled Stuck Together, The Trial, Off Colors and Lars' Head. Steven and his friend Lars are stuck in the ship and have become the prisoners of Topaz. Soon their captivity turned into a heart-warming confession by Lars who admitted that he has no courage to show his cooking to others.

Steven was later taken for a trial as his mother, Rose Quartz, is accused of scattering Pink Diamond. The theme of the episode was sacrifice as Steven willingly accepted all the accusation in order to save Lars and the Earth from the Diamond world's wrath as Blue Diamond is eager to punish the guilty.

Soon, the trial turned murky when Steven's defence attorney (a Zircon) pinpointed few loopholes from the Pink Diamond's security hinting at a job of an insider in her assassination. Enraged by the argument, Yellow Diamond destroys the zircons and get involved in a verbal spat, allowing Steven to escape the trial along with Lars.

However, luck takes them deep inside the Gems society where they meet a bunch of "off Colours" or defective gemstones. However, the group is soon attacked by security robots. The third episode ended on a cliffhanger after Lars sacrificed his life in a bid to save the Gems from the Diamond army.

A heart-broken Steven embraces his dear friend, sobbing that he could not save his life. It is then that he realises that his powers have brought his friend back to life. And to his surprise, Lars has turned pink and has been granted a set of powers.

Lars' journey in Wanted started as a fearful human and ended as a responsible friend who willingly sacrificed his wish to come back to Earth to help Steven return to his family. With a shocking cliff-hanger, an emotional message, the one-hour special show has prompted fans to outpour their feeling on Twitter.

Rebecca Sugar is yet to announce the premiere date of Steven Universe on Cartoon Netwrok.