Sting aka Steve Borden has made it known on a number of occasions that if he has one last fight left in him, he would want to face The Undertaker. A fight between the two wrestling stars is a dream fight for many a WWE fans, but it seems like that boat might have already sailed.

As it goes, both stars do not have age on their side. "The Vigilante" has not stepped into the ring after suffering a serious injury following a fight with Seth Rollins in 2015.

The Deadman fought Roman Reigns at WrestleMaina 33 on 3 April, but lost as he suffers from injures. According to reports, The Undertaker purposely delayed his hip replacement surgery so he could fight The Big Dog at the PPV show.

Moreover, it seemed like The Undertaker may have retired for good as after the fight with Reigns he placed his signature attire – long black coat, hat and gloves – in the middle of the ring, broke from his character and kissed his wife before walking off the ramp.

A report from GiveMeSport has claimed that the fight between the two stars was reportedly planned for WreslteMaina 31, but it did not materialise as Vince McMahon changed his mind. Instead, we saw Sting vs Triple H and The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at the PPV event.

So when Sting was asked how he feels about never having the opportunity to face The Undertaker and if the federation missed out on booking the fight when he was still an active wrestler at last week's WrestleCon 2017 Kickoff Party, he said he and The Undertaker did not miss out on anything and their careers show it all.

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