The season 6 premiere of Suits saw Mike Ross and Harvey Specter struggle to cope up with the former's two-year prison term on fraud charges. Episode 1 picked up immediately after the shocking events from the 25th Hour.

The episode commenced with Mike entering Danbury Federal Prison and trading his white collar three-piece suit for the blue prison jumpsuit. Soon a guard gave him a basic lecture on "disciplinary action" and gave him tips on how to deal with life inside prison. The faux lawyer also had a little argument with his counsellor, played by Malcolm Jamal Warner.

"I get it, I am no longer Mike Ross, just inmate no 53296," said Mike, as his counsellor gave him a reality and said, "You walked in here thinking this is going to be some kind of a prison movie... it's not a movie brother. It's just prison." But this is just the beginning of a storm for Mike, as his cellmate Frank – with whom he has shared all his personal details including his fiancée Rachel and how he took the fall for Harvey – turned out to be a former enemy of his ex-mentor. Later it was revealed that was not really interested in Mike's story, but was just pretending to listen to him to get back at Harvey.

But this is just the beginning of the storm for Mike, as his cellmate Frank –with whom he shared all his personal details about finance, Rachel and Harvey– turned out to be a former enemy of Harvey and had just pretended to listen to his story to get payback for putting him behind bars.

As Ross grapples with prison reality, things at Pearson Specter Litt (PSL) are getting worse. The senior partners have left PSL, and the firm is being sued for every case Mike Ross has ever "touched". After an initial setback with Louis Litt freaking out over the firm's condition, Harvey decides to walk away from the firm, but was stopped by Donna and the trio finally re-grouped and bonded over some pot.

Suits season 6
The official poster for Suits season 6 featuring actors Gina Torres, Meghan Markle, Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman. [Left to Right] USA Network

Further, the group found out that their systems were being hacked, and the lawyers who have left the firm are trying to steal clients and "bifurcate it so that they can get their buy-ins back". Following this, Louis came up with the idea of using the buy-ins to settle class action suits.

It remains to be seen, how Mike would handle his new enemy in prison – Frank and how will Harvey, Jessica, and Louis save PSL? These questions will be touched upon in episode 2 of Suits season 6. The second chapter titled, Accounts Payable, will air on 20 July at 9pm EST on the USA Network.

Meanwhile, check out the synopsis for episode 2 below:

Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit; Mike has no choice but to run afoul of a fellow prisoner.