Supernatural season 11 episode 2
Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural season 11 TheCW

Supernatural season 11 will go on a week-long hiatus and return with a new episode next Wednesday, 2 December at 9pm EST on The CW. Actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who play Dean and Sam Winchester have hinted at God's role in helping them fight Amara aka Darkness.

In the latest episode, Metatron revealed that Darkness is God's sister and that the almighty had to lock her away to create mankind. Actor Jared Padelecki told Entertainment Weekly, "Whether or not the boys can fight the Darkness without God is a question for us as audience members but is one of those things that's not a question for the Winchesters. They're going to do it come hell or high water, with God's help or with God trying to stop them."

"I'm not saying which of those is going to be the case, but no matter what, I think the boys are committed to righting this wrong. So with or without God's help, the boys are going to try and stop the Darkness," Padalecki added.

Jensen Ackles does not think that the Winchester brothers can defeat Darkness without God's help, and said, "I don't think they can." The actor, however, teased that the bigger twist would be about Darkness itself, as it is unclear if she is completely evil.

"She is still assessing what this creation is that God made and I think the very famous line of her so far is that 'He is the light and I am the opposite of that, I am the Darkness.' What's interesting is, I'm not sure if that's inherently bad or if that actually could be something that is beneficial," Ackles said.

Supernatural season 11 episode 6
Amara aka Darkness with Dean in Supernatural season 11 TheCW

Ackles said that Darkness is an interesting character and added, "It's weird. We're setting it up as the ultimate evil, but there's also this question of, 'Well, is it?' And I think we're going to try to play with that a little bit. So does she think that everyone is the enemy? No, I don't think so. It's an interesting character and I don't know how we're going to deal with it."

With the threat of Darkness looming large, Supernatural season 11's upcoming episode is titled Just My Imagination, where Sam's imaginary friend Sully appears, and things get interesting when Dean can see him too.

According to the official synopsis, "Sam (Jared Padalecki) is shocked when his childhood imaginary friend Sully (guest star Nate Torrence) makes an unexpected appearance. Sam can't understand why he'd see Sully now but what's even more surprising is that Dean (Jensen Ackles) can see him, too. Flashbacks reveal young Sam's friendship with Sully and why he needed him."