Switched at Birth season 4
Switched at Birth season 4 returns 24 August on ABC Family ABC

Switched at Birth season 4 returns with all-new episodes Monday, 24 August on ABC. Episode 11 is titled, To Repel Ghosts, where Bay copes with heartbreak, Daphne struggles with speculation, and someone reveals an unexpected pregnancy.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

While fans of the series want its lead characters, Bay and Emmett, to get back together,actor Vanessa Marano says their relationship is really over. "They're really over in the premiere," Marano told TV Guide.

"She's devastated. Girl is a hot, hot mess and kind of losing it a bit. So that's fun to watch! It's depressing as all get out and super sad, but also kind of entertaining because she's just eating coffee and potato chips, and we've all been there. ... But an old boyfriend comes back. I just can't tell you which one."

The actress previously teased that Bay and Emmett fans would be heartbroken. Marano told Zap2it, "[The breakup] was rough. It was really rough. It was unfair and she's upset about it. She's a freaking mess. The Bay and Emmett fans are going to be heartbroken, but not disappointed."

The actress also revealed that Bay will spend the opening episode of season 4 mourning her broken relationship. "She's a mess [for a while]. Finally she's like, 'I'm going to take back my life and do things for me,'" Marano explained. "That's what this season is about for Bay — taking back her own life."

"The breakup with Emmett, the sexual assault — none of that stuff is going away just because she's like 'OK, I'm going to get through this'. That is stuff she will always have to deal with and hopefully be a stronger person in spite of it."

Even after the breakup viewers will see a lot of the aspiring film director. "We will be seeing a lot of Emmett. That being said, we are not going to be seeing Bay and Emmett interact in the way that we think they'd interact until about the middle of the season," Marano teased. "It is them interacting — but not in the way that you think it'd be happening."