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YouTube vlogger Zoella has revealed the title and cover of her second book Girl Online: On Tour YouTube screenshot

After months of suspense, YouTube vlogger Zoella has finally revealed a teaser of her anticipated book sequel Girl Online: On Tour. In addition to revealing the name and book cover, the online sensation has shared the first extract from the novel.

The 25-year-old, real name Zoe Sugg, announced the news in a video shared on her second YouTube channel, More Zoella, telling viewers she "absolutely loved" writing the book with Penguin Random House editor Amy Alward. The vlogger gushed: "This is really exciting for me and I have absolutely loved working with Amy on this.

"I've gained myself a friend it's so lovely, she's really taught me loads about the writing process and how to develop my writing skills. As you guys know, I'm not properly trained in writing, I just enjoy it and enjoying something doesn't mean it's something that can go straight on the shelves for you to read."

Watch Zoella's second book announcement:

She added: "I really enjoyed writing this book, I especially loved developing the characters further, adding new characters and just furthering the plot and the storylines. It's just been a really exciting and fulfilling process."

Girl Online: On Tour is expected to pick up six months from where Girl Online left off and will see lead character Penny join her pop star boyfriend Noah Flynn on his European tour. The first book saw Penny's relationship with Noah exposed to the public along with her anonymous blog.

The sequel's cover features plot teasers, with images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and concert tickets hinting at Noah's tour. Girl Online: On Tour will be released on 20 October 2015, almost a year after Zoella became the fastest-selling debut author in UK history. Read an extract from Girl Online: On Tour:

20 June: How to survive a long distance relationship when your boyfriend is a super hot rock god

One: Download Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and basically every communication app you can find. Stay up all night in your panda onesie chatting to your boyfriend until your eyelids start twitching and you absolutely have to go to sleep. Two: Whenever you wake up and miss him, listen to Autumn Girl on repeat.

Three: Set up an app on your phone that tells you the time wherever he is so you don't accidentally wake him for a chat (I've done this maybe 10 times already). Four: Buy a calendar and mark down the number of days until you see him again which, by the way, is now only five days away.

Five: Somehow win the lottery so you can quit school and fly to wherever he is and you don't have to be apart from this long ever again. Six: Whatever you do, do not go online and watch videos of super stunning pop star Leah Brown as she dips and twerks in front of said boyfriend in front of millions of screaming fans. Seven: And do not search his name so you can see all the cool stuff he's doing while you're studying for your exams.

My lovely readers, even if one day I feel like I can publish this blog in a non-private way I never will because I know I'm not allowed to admit to feeling insecure and less than pretty and more than a little jealous when my boyfriend is the sweetest guy in the world and has given me no reason to feel this way, right? Tell me this feelings gets better, I don't know how I'm going to survive. Girl offline, never going online.

Chapter one: Five days later

It should officially be illegal for exam rooms to have a view of the sea. How is it fair that we're stuck inside, fingers cramping from gripping a pen for two hours straight while outside the light is dancing on the waves and it looks so bright and comfortable.

How am I supposed to remember who King Henry the VIII's fourth wife was when the birds are singing and I swear I can feel the happy jaunty tune of an ice cream van nearby? I shake my head, dispelling the vision of a deliciously soft ice cream cone with a cheeky flake sticking out and instead, I try to summon up a direct link into best friend Elliott's brain. He won't be having much trouble remembering these facts and figures in his history exam.

... The media went into a frenzy when they found out I was dating rock star Noah Flynn and then they discovered my blog. They unearthed private details of my life and labelled me a homewrecker since Noah was supposedly in a relationship with mega pop star Leah Brown. It was the worst few days of my life but my friends helped me to weather the storm and when it was all over the drama had brought us together.